Fatal Crash Reported Near Parkersburg, WV

On Wednesday afternoon at around 2:00 p.m., on November 15, 2017, a two-car accident was reported on Route 2/Emerson Avenue, near Valley Mills Road.  The accident has been reported as a head-on collision, when one vehicle, being driven by James S. Walraven, age 41, crossed the center/median and drove into oncoming traffic.

Sadly, the accident resulted in a reported fatality to Mr. Walraven, who authorities state may have suffered a medical emergency that precipitated the accident. The other vehicle involved in the collision was driven by Robert Christie, age 63, from Parkersburg, WV, who survived the crash and was reported as being alert and responsive at the scene of the accident. He was taken for medical treatment.

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by | November 16, 2017 · 2:23 pm

WVU Mascot Arrested For DUI

On October 27, Troy Clemens, the West Virginia University Mountaineer Mascot, was arrested for driving under the influence. Clemens was speeding on Stewartstown Road when a deputy pulled him over. The deputy smelled alcohol on Clemens’ breath and had him perform multiple sobriety tests, which Clemens failed. Clemens was charged with a misdemeanor driving under the influence.

Adams Legal Group, PLLC is a general practice law firm in Morgantown, WV and one of our practice areas is criminal defense. The attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC have experience providing criminal defense services in Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, as well as surrounding areas, for criminal misdemeanor and felony cases, including DUI/DWI, and all sorts of criminal charges involving alcohol and drugs. We also have helped out many West Virginia University students, facing student conduct board hearings at WVU, in conjunction with criminal charges brought against them.

Visit Adams Legal Group, PLLC’s website at Adams Legal Group, PLLC Criminal Law Services to review our criminal law services that we offer. Also, please feel free to call (304)381-2166 for a free consultation.

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by | November 16, 2017 · 1:54 pm

Kayla Decker Killed in Motorcycle Crash In West Virginia

17-year old Fairmont Senior High School student Kayla Decker was killed while riding as a passenger on the motorcycle driven by her brother Jonathan. State Troopers at the scene of the crash said that Decker failed to yield to oncoming traffic when he pulled out near the intersection of Route 7 and Pedlar Run Road and was struck by an SUV. The accident which happened Sunday afternoon is currently under investigation and no charges are pending as of yet. Kayla was pronounced dead at the scene and Jonathan is in stable condition at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Where do you start to try and make sense of a motorcycle accident like this? One can only think of the poor parents who are sure to be overwrought with guilt over letting their young son drive a motorcycle and especially over letting him take the sister for a ride on it. Life if fragile and it takes just the slightest miscalculation when riding on a motorcycle to cause the death of a loved one and a lifetime of misery for the survivors of such a tradgedy. Out hearts and prayers go out to the poor survivors of this family tradgedy.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may have a case against the driver of the other vehicle whose negligence may have caused the collision, either totally or partially, please give us a call so that we can investigate and determine the facts of the accident to see whether we can obtain compensation for your losses. The attorneys at Adams Legal Group, PLLC are experienced in handling car, truck and motorcycle accidents and cases involving severe injuries and deaths. Please visit our WV & PA Accident Lawyers page and complete our contact form on that page for a free consultation on your case.

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by | October 20, 2015 · 2:23 pm

Nathan Allen Shrout Killed by Jumping From Moving Vehicle In Morgantown West Virginia

West Virginia State Police are investigating a bizarre Morgantown motor vehicle accident that caused the death of Nathan Allen Shrout, 38 of Reedsville. Shrout apparently climbed out of the moving vehicle, a 2000 Ford SUV driven by Justin M. McCloud also of Reedsville. Charges against McCloud who was driving the vehicle on W.Va. Route 7 in Monongalia County Wednesday night are pending.

The preliminary investigation has found that the McCloud SUV was not found at the scene of the accident. It was discovered on Kingwood Pike and was driven by a third person, a Matthew Paul Shaffer.

One can speculate that there are many potential story lines that could emerge from this situation. One thing we do know for sure is that the accident sounds suspicious and there are many questions that need to be answered.

* Why did the driver flee the scene of the accident?
* Does this incident qualify as leaving the scene of an accident?
* Why didn’t the driver, McCloud, immediately stop and call 911 to get assistance?
* What was the actual cause of Shrout’s death?
* Was Shrout killed beforehand and his body merely dumped?

We will keep you posted here as more information becomes forthcoming. Although the facts of this case are not entirely clear at this point in time, Adams Legal Group, PLLC in Morgantown WV provides experienced, competent legal services for all of your car accident, personal injury, wrongful death and even criminal defense needs. Please visit our website for more information.

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by | October 20, 2015 · 2:05 pm

Tim Hall Killed by Potentially Faulty Air Bag Deployment In Harper’s Ferry

According to first responders, the Blue Ridge Mountain Fire Department and ambulance service, 51-year old Tim Hall of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia was pronounced dead at the scene following a minor traffic accident at 78 Hollow Creek Lane. Hall’s vehicle, a 2005 GMC Frontliner reportedly made a wide turn and side swiped a tree before then striking a parked car. The vehicle’s driver’s side air bag deployed, smashing Hall who was apparently not wearing his seat belt out of the driver’s side window where he was found by rescuers.

If one looks at the minor damage that occurred to the car driven by Hall, and the fact that he was found on the ground having been ejected from the vehicle, one can readily deduce that potentially faulty airbag deployment using excessive force could very well could have been the reason for his death. There is currently the largest automobile recall in US history, some 34 million cars underway as a result of faulty airbags installed in them by Japan’s Takata Company. The faulty airbags have been known to cause hundreds of injuries to automobile passengers as well as seven known deaths. The inflation device that launches the air bag has been shown to explode unexpectedly and under even the slightest of impacts and to contain sharp metal fragments that can cause facial and head injuries and even death.

There is good reason to suspect and investigate if a faulty Takata airbag had been installed in the Hall vehicle and if so whether or not automobile recall letters had been sent to the owner.

In order to check whether or not your vehicle contains the deadly Takata airbags and if your car is subject to the nationwide recall, record your vehicle’s VIN, vehicle identification number located on the dashboard in the lower left hand corner under the windshield and then go to http://www.safercar.gov/Vehicle+Owners/vin-lookup-sites and enter the number.

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed in an automobile accident where a faulty airbag may have been the cause, you need to immediately check to see if your vehicle is one of the 34 million subject to the recall. Then make sure to give our law firm a call for a complete analysis of your unique situation by our highly competent and experienced WV car accident attorneysto see if you have a case for a personal injury lawsuit against the automobile manufacturer, airbag company, or your automobile sales dealership.

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by | October 20, 2015 · 2:01 pm

Jeremiah Varner Killed in Pickup Truck Accident In Marion County West Virginia

Jeremiah Varner Killed was killed in a single vehicle pickup truck rollover accident at approximately 6:00 pm on Sunday, August 31. According to a the Marian County Sheriff’s department, Varner lost control of his Dodge Ram on route 911, hitting a telephone which caused his pickup truck to flip and throw him from his vehicle and onto a residential yard. He was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital, in Morgantown, WV by ambulance and was initially listed in critical condition before dying hours later. Sheriff’s Department officials are investigating the cause of the accident. Our lawyers at Adams Legal Group, PLLC in Morgantown WV are experienced in investigating the causes of car accidents and injuries resulting therefrom and obtaining compensation for parties injured by the negligence of other drivers.

Due to the fact that Varner was thrown from his vehicle, there is a good chance that he was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the rollover accident. So many times what could have been an accident that produces a only a few cuts and bruises or a broken bone or two is turned into a fatal wreck where one or more people are killed because passengers are not wearing their seat belts.

National statics show that up to a third of all traffic fatalities could be avoided if people would wear their seat belt.

If you or a loved one have been in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another, even the negligence of the driver of the vehicle that your are a passenger in, please give us a call. We are experienced and knowledgeable West Virginia personal injury lawyers with experience handling all manners of car accident injury cases, and we want to hear your story. Please visit our website at http://www.adams-legal.com and fill out our contact form if you wish to speak with one of our attorneys about your case.

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by | October 20, 2015 · 1:50 pm

It’s Time To Get Serious About Seat Belt Laws – West Virginia Seat Belt Laws

West Virginia Accident Brings Into Question Failure to Use Seat Belt

Continue reading

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by | September 22, 2015 · 1:00 pm

Doctors and Pharmacists Held Liable for Their Patient’s Criminal Conduct

For the time being and until a new law officially takes effect on May 25, 2015, doctors and pharmacists may be held liable for damages stemming from illegal activity committed by those patients who abuse prescription drugs and claim that the doctors and pharmacists were negligent in prescribing the drug to which they became addicted in the first place. Continue reading

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by | July 30, 2015 · 10:31 am

24-year old Jacob McClain Killed in Lewis County WV Logging Accident

24-year old Jacob McClain was killed in a logging accident in Lewis County, West Virginia, when a large tree the company was cutting fell in an unexpected direction and landed on top of him. Continue reading

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by | July 30, 2015 · 10:04 am

Jeffrey Goldhammer and Stevie Nickels Killed In Separate Automobile Accidents

56-year old Jeffrey Goldhammer was killed in an automobile accident Sunday, May 10 around 2 p.m. at the 160 mile marker of Interstate 79 when a vehicle, a 2006 Honda driven by 20-year old Jenna Boyd lost control, crossed over into the other lane and struck his vehicle, a 2016 Ford Fusion traveling north. Goldhammer died at Ruby Memorial Hospital of his injuries. Continue reading

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by | May 18, 2015 · 3:33 pm