Conservatives’ War on Women?

I simply do not understand the enormous kerfuffle about some, what I would call, “insensitive” remarks by Rush Limbaugh about Sandra Fluke. What is more perplexing is how the ill-thought-out attempt by him at humor, satire or critical analysis (whatever you wish to call it) is being extrapolated by the media as an indication that conservatives are waging a war on women. Rush Limbaugh is NOT the voice of all conservatives. Nor is his satire and commentary, which is for entertainment purposes much more than purporting to be “news,” representative of the firm political doctrine or dogma of the “right,” as the media and pundits on the left seem to imply.

Frankly, I personally rarely listen to him, as much of his commentary is silly satire and dumbed down for mass consumption.

Limbaugh’s “commentary” is simply that – the personal opinions and commentary of an entertainer, reflecting his own personal brand. Frankly, I think it is ridiculous that he was forced to apologize, by his PR, the media, politicians, etc. for comments that were clearly satiric and sarcastic, but aimed at causing his listeners to undertake a small amount of critical thinking about the issues addressed by Ms. Fluke. Just as Mr. Limbaugh is merely an entertainment “personality”, so to is Mr. Louis C.K. a purported entertainer. He similarly attempts comedy by commenting on political figures, such as his attacks on Sarah Palin. If you have not heard his commentary on Palin, you can listen to a segment (*WARNING – very foul language*)here, which includes the 30-60 second clip of his comments followed by some additional commentary from the Youtuber who posted it (no endorsement intended or implied). However, the media and politicians did not clamor for apologies from the entertainer for his far more graphic and derogatory, if not out-right disgusting comments about a woman politician. Nor did the media reach even further to extrapolate out some “larger issue” of women-hating by liberals or liberals war against mentally disabled children, or anything of the sort. Bill Maher has similarly made exceedingly derogatory and foul comments about Ms. Palin, which only came to light now, because of the equivalency pointed out as backlash to the media’s double standard.

Listening to Ms. Fluke’s comments in the first place, she entreats that women, or more specifically in her case, law-school students are entitled to thousands of dollars of birth control annually, for recreational purposes, to be provided for free by the government using our tax dollars.

As a conservative, I will not call Ms. Fluke the foul name associated with loose morals, but I will suggest that law-school students or anyone else for that matter, male or female, are not entitled to government (tax-dollar) provided birth control for recreational purposes. With choices come responsibility. If a person chooses to engage in sexual relations, that is their choice and with that choice comes the risk of pregnancy, disease, etc. In making such decisions, one must be accountable for their own choices. Why must the government designate our tax dollars to fund the promiscuity of young college women who wish to have recreational sex? This is not a case of conservatives waging a war against women – it is another instance of conservatives suggesting that people should accept responsibility for their own choices. It is not an instance of preventing women’s access to healthcare, as the media has construed it. Clearly the medicinal use of birth control for more legitimate medical (as opposed to purely recreational) purposes, was not what Ms. Fluke was seeking in her address, nor was it the target of conservative reaction.

Summing it all up – conservative principles demand that people take responsibility for their own choices and actions. The conservative objection to the government using our tax dollars to provide birth control to women for purely recreational purposes is not morally equivalent (or even remotely similar) to preventing access to healthcare for women. Moreover, the phony and hyperbolic outrage of the media and liberal pundits over Limbaugh’s off-color sarcastic comments calling a woman, who wants the government to pay for her recreational sex, a promiscuous woman, should be gauged in the light of the utter silence over similar derogatory comments by liberal entertainers about women (e.g. Bill Maher, Louis C.K., et al.).



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2 responses to “Conservatives’ War on Women?

  1. Bob Baker

    Well said!

  2. tom

    I believe they should as a conservative and someone who is pro life if I have the choice between paying tax dollars to endure a person is responsible vs contributing to the death of an unwanted child than I pick the lesser of two evils. On a personal note I find it outrageous that the federal government would condemn an individual with a felony charge if they decided to destroy an egg of a bald eagle but promote the genocide of the human race by segregation of sex stating that it is a woman’s choice.

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