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Safe Travels

Easter weekend is typically one of the heaviest travel weekends of the year, which unfortunately also means that is is one of the times of the year with high vehicle accident rates. As you prepare to travel for the weekend, be alert for distracted, tired and hurried drivers. As we are all aware, drivers are increasingly using cell phones as they drive for talking and texting. This holiday weekend presents ample opportunity and cause for such communications as drivers are traveling to visit with family, friends and loved ones. Moreover, as drivers anticipate taking an extra day or two off from work over this weekend to accommodate their travels and visits with family, undoubtedly many are fatigued or exhausted, which condition may be exacerbated, if you find yourself traveling during later hours of the day and night. Return travel after a weekend of festivities, activities, stimulation and food, leads to similarly fatigued drivers at the conclusion of the holiday weekend. Likewise, many drivers are also anxious to get on with their weekend travels and may create unsafe driving conditions by hurrying to get to their destinations.

Keep all of the above in mind, as you hit the roads this weekend – be mindful that you may be sharing the road with a higher number of drivers than usual and that many of them may be distracted, exhausted and/or in a rush. Be extra vigilant in maintaining safe speeds, maintaining a proper lookout around you, and be alert to other drivers on the road. Take these extra precautions and don’t be one of the distracted, hurried or exhausted drivers contributing to the higher-than-normal accident rates on this holiday weekend. Use your phones, if you must, in hands-free mode; rest up before your travel, and take amble rest breaks to keep alert. Arriving at your destination and returning in one piece is far more important than hurrying to get where you’re going and risking a car accident along the way.

Have a blessed and happy Easter weekend!


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