Christopher McClure and Adrianna Cole Killed in Head-On Automobile Accident In Morgantown, WV

Christopher McClure, 28 of Fairmont and Adrianna Cole, 20 of Morgantown were killed in a head on automobile accident at 10:35 p.m. Friday, April 19 2015 on Interstate 68 between the Sabraton and University Avenue exits. McClure was driving a 2007 Ford Explorer in the wrong direction on Interstate 68 when it sideswiped an oncoming vehicle and then struck Cole head on. Both McClure and Cole were pronounced dead on the scene. A third vehicle, a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta was driven by Charles A. Custer, 25 of Morgantown. Custer was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released from a local hospital.

It is too early to speculate as to why McClure was going the wrong way on an interstate highway. Eyewitnesses to the accident were quick to speculate that drugs or alcohol or an attempt at suicide could have played a factor in causing the driver to make such a glaring and obvious error in judgement. On the website, David Daigler commented: “We came up behind this just a few minutes after and 300 yards back at 10:40 pm. We didn’t start moving again until 3:10am Saturday– 4 1/2 hours. I’ve always said the interstates are safest for travel because everyone’s going in the same direction, and then this happens. Still trying to find out why this guy was going the wrong way– alcohol, drugs or suicide?”

Other simply wondered philosophically as to why two young lives had been senselessly ended in their prime. Tina Ruggiero wrote: “Tragedies like these are heart breaking and prayers to all those friends and families “. And some looked to poor weather conditions for an answer. Karen Lennon Core the owner-operator of the Backwoods Grill said ” It was extremely foggy this night in Fairmont. I had to go a few blocks and had trouble seeing.”

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that a life has been taken due to the reckless and negligent driving of another person.

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