Tim Hall Killed by Potentially Faulty Air Bag Deployment In Harper’s Ferry

According to first responders, the Blue Ridge Mountain Fire Department and ambulance service, 51-year old Tim Hall of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia was pronounced dead at the scene following a minor traffic accident at 78 Hollow Creek Lane. Hall’s vehicle, a 2005 GMC Frontliner reportedly made a wide turn and side swiped a tree before then striking a parked car. The vehicle’s driver’s side air bag deployed, smashing Hall who was apparently not wearing his seat belt out of the driver’s side window where he was found by rescuers.

If one looks at the minor damage that occurred to the car driven by Hall, and the fact that he was found on the ground having been ejected from the vehicle, one can readily deduce that potentially faulty airbag deployment using excessive force could very well could have been the reason for his death. There is currently the largest automobile recall in US history, some 34 million cars underway as a result of faulty airbags installed in them by Japan’s Takata Company. The faulty airbags have been known to cause hundreds of injuries to automobile passengers as well as seven known deaths. The inflation device that launches the air bag has been shown to explode unexpectedly and under even the slightest of impacts and to contain sharp metal fragments that can cause facial and head injuries and even death.

There is good reason to suspect and investigate if a faulty Takata airbag had been installed in the Hall vehicle and if so whether or not automobile recall letters had been sent to the owner.

In order to check whether or not your vehicle contains the deadly Takata airbags and if your car is subject to the nationwide recall, record your vehicle’s VIN, vehicle identification number located on the dashboard in the lower left hand corner under the windshield and then go to http://www.safercar.gov/Vehicle+Owners/vin-lookup-sites and enter the number.

If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed in an automobile accident where a faulty airbag may have been the cause, you need to immediately check to see if your vehicle is one of the 34 million subject to the recall. Then make sure to give our law firm a call for a complete analysis of your unique situation by our highly competent and experienced WV car accident attorneysto see if you have a case for a personal injury lawsuit against the automobile manufacturer, airbag company, or your automobile sales dealership.


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